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National Queens

Reigning as the National Miss Juneteenth Queen is more than just a title & crown. This prestigious honor lays the foundation for future Legacy Builders, Leaders, and Change Makers of tomorrow. The Juneteenth Queens possess a spirit of service to their communities and organizations while simultaneously serving as role models and living proof of Black Girl Magic.


Queen Saniya, Inaugural

Saniya Gay is the FIRST Miss Juneteenth National Queen. She was crowned in 2020 during the COVID-19 worldwide epidemic. It was during this time of extreme hardship that she continuously brought light into a darkening world and delivered a  sense of joy and resilience to all who witnessed her ascension to the national throne. 

Circa 2020

  • The First National Miss Juneteenth Queen

  • Currently, a Junior at Delaware State University, studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Media.

  • Entrepreneur: President & Founder of "Love Don't Hurt", a platform that combats Domestic Violence. 

  • Community Advocate & Organizational Spokesperson for the "400 years Of African American History Commission."

  • Favorite Quote: "If you can't love yourself, how in the world are you going to love somebody else?"   -RuPaul  



Queen Sunny, 2023 - 2024 Reigning

Sunshine Huggins hails from Smithfield, Virginia and is the CURRENT Miss Juneteenth USA. She is also the INAUGURAL Miss Juneteenth Virginia Queen and was crowned in historic Williamsburg on June 19th, 2023.  On October 14th, 2023, Sunny won the national crown and title for the Miss Juneteenth USA Organization. In addition, she also brought back trophies for Miss Congeniality, Miss Black Wall Street, and Talent.  A self-taught Harpist, Miss Sunshine captured the crowd with her tribute rendition of Alecia Keys, "If I Aint Got You."  Her greatest ambition is to make her family and Ancestors proud. Mission Accomplished! 

Crowned 2023

  • High School Senior  

  • Platform: Music Therapy

  • Immediate Goals: To finish High School, Get accepted at Norfolk State University, and launch her Entrepreneurship Small Business. 

  • Favorite Quote/Saying:  "You are your Ancestor's Wildest Dream." 

  • Historic Icon She Admires: Henrietta Lacks - Shes proof of Melanin Magic.


IMG_7716 4_edited.jpg

Queen Madison, 2022- 2023

Madison Corzine hails from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. She received the national title and crown in no other than Galveston, Texas, the birthplace of Juneteenth itself.  Poised with undeniable grace, Madison captured the heart of the Pageant, the island of Galveston, and secured the win for her home state, Texas. Currently, Madison attends Spelman University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Crowned 2022

  • Graduated High School at 16 years old (2023)

  • Enrolled at Spelman College, rising Freshman - Fall 2023

  • Teen Entrepreneur: Founder of Pragmatic Prodigies, a nonprofit that targets the issues of Period Poverty.

  • Quote:  "By participating in this pageant, it allowed me to expand my platform beyond the DFW area to a national stage. That's very important for our young girls to be able to do."


Queen Ace, Miss National Juneteenth

Crowned 2021

Inaugural Jr. Miss Juneteenth USA

Maliha Simmons hails from the Borough of Yeadon and is the Inaugural Jr. Miss Juneteenth USA 2023. Maliha's road to Royalty continues as she will compete in the upcoming Little Miss Black USA and Little Miss African American pageant systems in the Summer of 2024! Additionally, Miss Maliha is "triple crowned" as she also is the reigning Lil Miss Juneteenth Pennsylvania and Little Miss Black Greater  Pennslyvania. Maliha has brought credit upon herself, the state of Pennsylvania, and the nation. Job well done.


Crowned 2023

  • Nickname: "Maliha on Fire"

  • Favorite Food: Cheese Fries

  • Favorite Season: Summer because Maliha loves to swim.  


Inaugural Little Miss Juneteenth

We are delighted to introduce the Inaugural Lil Miss Juneteenth USA Queen, Shyann Faye. Miss Shyann is a dual reigning Royal. She  is concurrently holding both titles as Lil Miss Juneteenth USA and Lil Miss Colorado 2023. Shyann secured the national title at the Miss Juneteenth USA Scholarship Pageant held in Philadelphia, PA.


Crowned 2023

  • coming soon



Poised, Powerful, & Purposed 💛🎯

“Try your hardest to be confident in who you are. You are enough - you are beautiful.."

Meagan Tandy

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